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Signal Relay

Signal relays covering various management functions.

With our superior characteristics and shared design principle, the signal relays cover a wide variety of management functions, such as power protection, automation, communications, etc.
– High switching performance
– High switching capacity with optimal durability
– Exceptionally broad range of switching capacities: 1-10 A/125-250 VAC, 1A-10A/12-48VDC
– Custom-made service available and flexible capacity on site
– Conforms to safety norms and standards worldwide, Like UL, TUV/VDE, RoHS, REACH

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  • W13

    • Product type: W13
    • Dimension: 12.5×7.5×10.0mm
    • Switching capacity: 2A
    • Coil voltage: 1.5-24V
    • Main applications: Power protectio...

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  • W32

    • Product type: W32
    • Dimension: 20.2×10.0×11.5mm
    • Switching capacity: 2A
    • Coil voltage: 3-24V
    • Main applications: Multilin, Automa...

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  • W38/W38A

    • Product type: W38/W38A
    • Dimension: 15.7×11.0×12.0mm
    • Switching capacity: 3A
    • Coil voltage: 3-24V
    • Main applications: Power prote...

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