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Our safety relays-FH55T FH55F FH55S introduce

With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, people are paying more and more attention to industrial safety. As ...
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FH61NE Power RelayFeatures● 2 sets of 40A main contact+1 set of auxiliary contact● When the main contact sticks, ...
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Relay for EV supply equipment /EV charger

our relay are widely used for EV chargers, like W12T relay series, we can provide test according to ...
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Fanhar magnetic latching relay, magnetic holding relay, latching relay

Magnetic latching relays are divided into three-phase and single-phase. By looking at the relevant information information, the contact ...
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different relay model comparism 2

Most of our variant relays can be equivalent to the relays from Hongfa, Panasonic, Tyco, Omron, TE, Matsukawa, ...
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Innovation and Quality we provide quality latching relay W42L/FH42L for smart plug, smart socket, smart home contorl, lighting control, electric power meter.

Great switching power with minimal power consumption Great switching reliability and optimised service life Exceptionally wide range of ...
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