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Innovation and Quality we provide quality latching relay W42L/FH42L for smart plug, smart socket, smart home contorl, lighting control, electric power meter.

Great switching power with minimal power consumption

Great switching reliability and optimised service life

Exceptionally wide range of switching powers

16A, 20A switching capability, single coil/double coils available, high sensitive, coil power 250mW

UL certificate, UL insulation system: Class F

4 pins, 5 pins for pcb layout options

Even smaller but just as powerful. The W42L, FH42L relay is a consistent further development of the latching relay series. With its superlative properties and the ‘shared-design’ principle, the latching series covers a diverse range of energy management functions. These include load management, tariff switching, disconnect-reconnect applications. it can support your smart plug, smart sockets, smart home control, lighting control with fantastic function performance.

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