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Our safety relays-FH55T FH55F FH55S introduce

With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, people are paying more and more attention to industrial safety. As an important product to ensure the safe operation of industrial equipment, our safety relays have been widely used in various fields.

Our safety relay product features include

1. High reliability: The safety relay adopts high-performance components and undergoes strict quality control and aging tests to ensure long-term stable operation.

2. Quick response: The safety relay has fast fault response ability, which can cut off the fault circuit in the first time and prevent the accident from expanding.

3. Multiple specifications: There are a variety of safety relays to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

4. Intelligent monitoring: The safety relay can be connected with the host computer to realize remote monitoring and fault diagnosis.

5. In line with international standards: the products meet IEC, UL and other international standards to meet export requirements.

Application scenarios:

Safety relays are widely used in high-risk industries such as electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, and pharmaceuticals to ensure the safe operation of industrial equipment. In terms of specific applications, safety relays can be used in the following scenarios:

1. Protection of high-risk equipment such as boilers and pressure vessels.

2. Safety interlocking of industrial automation control systems.

3. Protection of transformers, generators and other equipment in the power system.

4. Safety control of civil facilities such as traffic lights and elevators.

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